We have great news! The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino and Orleans Hotel & Casino have extended their great discounted rate to us until July 12, 2019. As a bonus incentive, they will be giving away ONE 3-night stay and a $100 food credit for the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino to be used during the 2020 Nevada Police & Fire Games.

Guests must utilize our group reservation codes for the 2019 Nevada Police & Fire Games to be eligible to be entered. Reservation codes are: A9PFL07 for the Gold Coast and A8FPL07 for the Orleans.

Welcome participants,
We look forward to your participation in the:

43rd Annual 2019 Nevada Police & Fire Games July 30 – August 4th

The host hotels for this year are the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino located near the "Strip" (The reservation code for Gold Coast is A9PFL07) and the Orleans Hotel and Casino (The reservation code for the Orleans is A8FPL07).

Feel free to check out the events tab and see what is offered. We are currently in the process of updating the information contained in the events page. If you have questions reference a certain event feel free to contact the coordinator for that event which is listed on the event page at the bottom. We look forward to an excellent 2019 games.

Registration hours at Gold Coast:

July 30, Tuesday 8am - 5pm
July 31, Wednesday 8am - 7pm
August 1, Thursday 8am - 7pm
August 2, Friday 8am - 5pm

The deadline for team events will be July 16th. If a team signs up and does not have enough participants registered for the team to field a team. That team will not be eligible to participate.

Chad Betts