Administrative fee of $5 will be applied to all refunds.  

All requests for refunds must be submitted by e-mail with the subject: Refund Request.  Please include your name, mailing address, the event(s) you are registered for and the reason for the refund request.  All refund requests dated up to and including July 11th , 2022 will be honored and processed within two weeks of receipt minus the $5 fee.

The above holds true for all events except golf.  Due to minimum player counts needed by the golf courses 30 days prior to date of play refunds will be honored up to June 26th 2022.  Refund requests dated June 27th and after will not follow the rules set forth below due to having to pay the courses for your spot whether you are present or not.  The only money that could possibly be refunded would be non-green fee money and will be handled on a case by case basis.


Refund requests dated July 12th, 2022 and after will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at their first meeting following the games.  If the refund request is approved, two options will be available to you:

1)  Refund the registration fees minus the $5 administrative fee.

2)  Apply 100% of the registration fees to the following year’s games.  If the participant does not register for the following year’s games, the registration fees will be forfeited and no longer refundable.

Please let us know in your e-mail which option (1 or 2 as stated above) you would prefer if your refund request is approved.  These two options only apply to requests received July 12th 2022 or after.