Soccer Outdoor

Date: 7/21/2022 to 7/24/2022

Time: 1600  -  2300

   Heritage Park
Google Maps 300 S Racetrack Road
Henderson NV 89015

Ryan   Evans
Phone: (702) 401-7997



Update: 7/7/21 - Schedule is currently being worked on. We have 11 confirmed teams and am currently waiting to her back from one more team to confirm if they are attending. Each team will play three (3) round robin games between Wednesday and Thursday. The top ten (10) teams will then be seeded into a play off bracket that will be played out on Friday. The Gold Medal and Bronze Medal game will be played on Saturday morning. 

Games will began on Wednesday 07/21/21. Depending on the number of teams, first game could start by 4pm. Please be prepared to possibly fill this time slot.

• 11 v 11 with 35 min halves / 5 mins between halves

• Must have at least 7 players to start the match

• Max of 20 players on roster

• FIFA laws apply (Exceptions are noted below)

• (2) guest players per team are allowed (Each guest player must be 18 years or older and have a state or government issued ID in order to play. No Exceptions.

• All games will be played on grass, you can wear cleats on the field.

Tournament Information

• Playing format will be based on number of teams.

• Each team will play (3) games guaranteed. (Number of round robin games may be less or more based on number of teams)

• Each team will be ranked after round robin play based off the point
system. Teams will then be bracketed. See schedule for bracketing play. First
and Second place teams after round robin play will have byes. The 11th
seeded team after round robin will be eliminated from bracketing play. Top 10 teams will move onto bracket play.  

• If a team does not have seven (7) players at the time the match is scheduled, they will be given a 10 minutes of leeway. After the 10 minutes is up, the other team will be awarded a 1-0 forfeit win. (If after the 10 minutes has past and both teams end up having enough players, they may choose to play a friendly match with however much time would is remaining based off the original start time and end time.)

• In the past we have had issues with flights being delayed and teams not having enough players for their first game. If this instance happens, we can find local non eligible players to fill your roster for that game in order for the match to be played as a friendly. You have all paid a lot of money to travel for this tournament and we want you to get your monies worth. However, to keep the integrity of the games intact, if you need to use local non eligible players to field a team, the other team will be awarded a 1-0 forfeit win regardless of the outcome or score of the game.

• The only exception to this rule will be if both team captains agree to play the game without awarding the forfeit and accept the final out come as the result of playing the match. This must be agreed upon before the start of the game. Once the game begins, all decisions are final.

• Two Yellow Cards in a match will equal one Red Card. Any player receiving two Yellow Cards or One Red card in a match will be suspected from playing in the next match. (One Game Suspension)

• If a player receives one yellow in a match, that yellow card will not carry over to the next match.

Point System

• Win: 6 Points
• Tie: 3 Point
• Shutout: 1 Point
• Goal: 1 Point (up to 3 goals)
• 10 Points Max per Game
• Tie Breaker: Head to Head, Goal differential, Goals for, Goals against, Shoot out

Example 1: Team wins 6-3:
• Winning teams gets 9 points (6 for win, 3 for goals = 9 total)
• Losing Team gets 3 points (3 for goals)

Example 2: Team wins 3-0:
• Wining teams gets 10 points (6 for win, 3 for goals, 1 for shut out = 10 points)
• Losing Team gets 0 points

Example 3: Teams tie 2-2
• Both teams get 5 points (3 for tie, 2 for goals = 5 points)

• Forfeit: In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will advance with a 1-0 WIN earning 8 points.
• 6 for win, 1 for goal, 1 for shut out = 8 points


• All players must check-in at registration at the Orleans Casino prior to the first game to receive their wristband. NO CHECK IN - NO PLAY - NO EXCEPTIONS.
• All players must have ID on them at the fields for roster checks. If a player does not have ID available, they will not be allowed to play.
• Eligibility and IDs will be strictly enforced throughout the tournament.


Team Registration Deadline: Mon. 7/5/21
If your registered team does not have enough participants, you will not be eligible to participate.

Registration Deadline (with a guaranteed shirt size): Mon. 6/30/21
Registrations received after 6/30 will have shirt size selections on a first come, first serve basis at check-in.


It is mandatory to have two forms of picture identification during check-in. One of which must be your department (military, police, or fire) issued ID.

If you are registering as a spouse and your spouse will not be with you at check-in to provide their work ID, you must provide a copy of your spouse’s work ID. If your last names are not the same, a copy of your marriage license will be required. Spouses of non-commissioned employees are not eligible to participate. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Fees: Field Fee $10.00

Please select your team name from the drop down menu. If your team name does not appear on the list, please send us an e-mail with your team name to and we will add it to the list.

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