Date: 7/23/2022

Time: 10:00 AM  -  TBD

   Phase 1 Sports
Google Maps 7770 Dean Martin Dr #307
Las Vegas NV 89139

John   Lee
Phone: (702) 812-3416

Please wait to register for this sport. Contracts are still pending.
Updates will be made to this page as local gathering restrictions are lifted.

Additional Fees: Lifting fee per event $30.00 This fee is charged per event number.

This event has multiple options.
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Event # Event Name
33S01 Open Men 114LB
33S02 Open Men 123LB
33S03 Open Men 123LB
33S04 Open Men 148LB.
33S05 Open Men 165LB
33S06 Open Men 181LB
33S07 Open Men 198LB
33S08 Open Men 220LB
33S09 Open Men 242LB
33S10 Open Men 275LB
33S11 Open Men 308LB
33S12 Open SHW
33S13 Open Women 97LB
33S14 Open Women 105 LB
33S15 Open Women 114 LB
33S16 Open Women 123 LB
33S17 Open Women 132 LB
33S18 Open Women 148 Lb
33S19 Open Women 165 LB
33S20 Open Women 181 LB
33S21 Open Women 198 LB
33S22 Open Women 199+ LB
33S23 Sub-Masters Men 114LB
33S24 Sub-Masters Men 123LB
33S25 Sub-Masters Men 132LB
33S26 Sub-Masters Men 148LB
33S27 Sub-Masters Men 165LB
33S27 Sub-MSTR Women 114LB
33S28 Sub-Masters Men 181LB
33S29 Sub-Masters Men 198LB
33S30 Sub-Masters Men 220LB
33S31 Sub-Masters Men 242LB
33S32 Sub-Masters Men 275LB
33S33 Sub-Masters Men 308LB
33S34 Sub-Masters Men Shw
33S35 Sub-MSTR Women 97LB
33S36 Sub-MSTR Women 105LB
33S37 Sub-MSTR Women 123LB
33S38 Sub-MSTR Women 132LB
33S39 Sub-MSTR Women 148LB
33S40 Sub-MSTR Women 165LB
33S41 Sub-MSTR Women 181LB
33S42 Sub-MSTR Women 198LB
33S43 Sub-MSTR Women 199+LB
33S44 Master Men 114LB
33S45 Master Men 123LB
33S46 Master Men 132LB
33S47 Master Men 148LB
33S48 Master Men 165LB
33S49 Master Men 181LB
33S50 Master Men 198LB
33S51 Master Men 220LB
33S52 Master Men 242LB
33S53 Master Men 275LB
33S54 Master Men 308Lb
33S55 Master Men Shw
33S56 Master Women 97LB
33S57 Master Women 105LB
33S58 Master Women 114LB
33S59 Master Women 123LB
33S60 Master Women 132LB
33S61 Master Women 148LB
33S62 Master Women 165LB
33S63 Master Women 181LB
33S64 Master Women 181LB
33S65 Master Women 198LB
33S66 Master Women 199+LB
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