Officer David VanBuskirk Memorial Grappling Event

Date: 10/2/2021

Time: 0900 (Weigh-ins at 0800)  -  1400

   Circus Circus Hotel & Casino
Google Maps 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89109

Grant   Okinaka


• Novice: 1 year or less (white belt)
• Beginner: 1 - 3 years no gi (blue belt)
• Intermediate: 3 - 6 years no gi (purple belts)
• Advanced: 6+ no gi (brown and black belts)
• Absolute Division - Gi SUBMISSION ONLY: Absolute will be Gi only

In honor of DVB who loved to train traditional BJJ in a Gi. Once the no-gi brackets are complete, competitors who wish to compete in the optional Absolute Division will have the opportunity to don a gi and compete in the open division. "Open" as in open in terms of weight and experience.

* Competitors must compete in the Regular Division to be eligible for the Absolute Division.


• Advanced/Absolute Division-6 minutes
• Other Divisions-5 minutes


• 150 LBS and below
• 151-165
• 166 - 180
• 181 - 195
• 196 - 210
• 211+

(If there aren't enough competitors to fill each class, the Directors will pair up the closest possible competitors in terms of balancing size and experience)

* We would encourage all participants to pre-register online no later than July 9th so we can set the divisions. Pre-registration is the best way to solidify your weight class. After this date, we will fit you in your weight class or one above if yours is full.

AGE LEVELS (Same weight/skill levels)

• 21-35 Years of Age-Adult
• 35+ Years of Age-Masters

* Making split age divisions will depend on total number of participants. Masters athletes may be asked to compete in Adult divisions

*FEMALE competitors are encouraged to compete. Please pre-register so that classes/divisions can be organized.

Absolute Division (Gi - Submission Only):

Advantages will be scored at 1 pt. Each for legitimate submission attempts (Legitimate sub attempt - Cause opponent to make the overt act of escaping or defending potential submission)

POINT SYSTEM for No Gi tournament: 

Must establish position for referee 3 count


• Takedowns landing in guard- 2 points
• Sweep/reversal landing in guard- 2 points
• Takedown landing in side mount- 3 points
• Sweep/reversal landing side mount- 3 points
• Positions/Pass The Guard:
• Knee on the Belly- 2 points
• Side Mount Position- 3 points
• Mount Position- 4 points
• Back Mount Position- 4 points


• Near takedown- 1 advantage
• Near sweep or reversal- 1 advantage
• Near guard pass- 1 advantage

Advantages count towards the match if the score is tied at the end of regulation. All actions and positions must demonstrate control for 3 count. Guard pulling (determined by the referee) is allowed and is not score for the top competitor. If a takedown is initiated and guard is pulled points for a takedown will be awarded.

Submission Attempts for Absolute Gi Division only:

Valid Submission Attempt- 1 point

Illegal Techniques:

• No neck cranks
• No heel hooks (except advanced division)
• No bicep or calf cutter (except intermediate and advanced division)

Other illegal techniques for all divisions:

No striking, biting, eye gouging (Includes chin to eye), small joint manipulation (finger and toe locks), hair pulling, or ear pulling.

• No fish hooking or fingers in an orifice.

• No intentional lifting up and slamming your opponent.

Referee’s call stands

Good sportsmanship is expected.

Ways To Win (standard bracket no-gi):

• Via tap out either physically or verbally or the opponent cannot continue
• Via points
• Via advantages if the score is tied
• Via disqualification
• Via referee’s decision after overtime


A competitor may be disqualified for any of the illegal techniques listed above if deemed intentional. In a case where a competitor cannot continue due to an illegal technique applied, the offending grappler will be disqualified.


Stalling is called by the referee anytime a competitor is deemed to be passive by avoiding action or backing out of bounds. The referee will give one official warning for the first offense, followed by 1 point deduction for the second offense, 2 point deduction for the third offense, and disqualification on the fourth offense.

Note: Controlling an opponent in an established grappling position e.g. mount, side control, knee on belly, etc. is NOT stalling, it's grappling.

Restarts will be in the same position in the middle of the mat.

Fleeing submission by running out of bounds will result in a 2 point deduction for first offense. The competitors will be restarted in the center of the mat in the same position/submission. Fleeing a submission out of bounds a second time will result in disqualification.


If the score including advantages is tied at the end of the round, the match will go into overtime. Overtime will be limited to a 3 minute round (scored like a normal round, starting from the standing position). At the end of overtime if the score is still tied there will be a sudden victory round where the first competitor to score will win the match.

*If a match needs overtime or sudden victory rounds there will be a 90 second rest between each round.


At weigh-ins all competitors will be checked for communicable diseases, not limited to but including ringworm and bacterial
infections. Fingernails and toenails should be neatly trimmed. No part of the body should have any sticky or oily substance.

Competitors Attire:

Well-fitting t-shirts or rash guard, Board shorts (no pockets), Gi pants. In No-Gi, competitors may not grab or hold onto opponents clothing.

Competitors are not allowed to wear a rashguard under a t shirt as this lends an unfair advantage and adds to elusiveness. Be cool, this is not a tense, uber-competitive tourney. We are honoring one of our fallen brothers and our jobs are tough enough as it is so the #1 rule is: Be Humble, it's not that serious I promise.


Saturday at the venue prior to the event. Doors open at 0800
Tournament will begin at 0900

Camaraderie, Loyalty, Family, Respect


Circus Circus Conference Room


• All players must check-in at registration at the Orleans Casino prior to the first game to receive their wristband.


Registration Deadline (with a guaranteed shirt size): Sept 17th, 2021 

Registrations received after 9/17 will have shirt size selections on a first come, first serve basis at check-in.


It is mandatory to have two forms of picture identification during check-in. One of which must be your department (military, police, or fire) issued ID.

If you are registering as a spouse and your spouse will not be with you at check-in to provide their work ID, you must provide a copy of your spouse’s work ID. If your last names are not the same, a copy of your marriage license will be required. Spouses of non-commissioned employees are not eligible to participate. Thank you for your understanding.

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