5K Road Race

Date: 7/24/2021

Time: 6:30 am

   Cornerstone Park
Google Maps 1600 Wigwam Pkwy.
Henderson NV 89014

Roger   Rasch
Phone: (702) 279-5200


The 5K event will go as scheduled, would really like to see as many runners as possible for this event and get the popularity of the event back.  Be safe and thanks for your support of the Nevada Police & Fire games, look forward to seeing you there.


This event has multiple options.
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Event # Event Name
36A01 MEN AGES 21-29 (C-1)
36A02 MEN AGES 30-34 (C-2)
36A03 MEN AGES 35-39 (C-3)
36A04 MEN AGES 40-44 (C-4)
36A05 MEN AGES 45-49 (C-5)
36A06 MEN AGES 50-54 (C-6)
36A07 MEN AGES 55-59 (C-7)
36A08 MEN AGES 60-69 (C-8)
36A09 MEN AGES 70-79 (C-9)
36A0A MEN AGES 80+ (C-10)
36A21 WOMEN AGES 21-29 (C-1)
36A22 WOMEN AGES 30-34 (C-2)
36A23 WOMEN AGES 35-39 (C-3)
36A24 WOMEN AGES 40-44 (C-4)
36A25 WOMEN AGES 45-49 (C-5)
36A26 WOMEN AGES 50-54 (C-6)
36A27 WOMEN AGES 55-59 (C-7)
36A28 WOMEN AGES 60-69 (C-8)
36A29 WOMEN AGES 70-79 (C-9)
36A2A WOMEN AGES 80+ (C-10)