5K Road Race

Date: 7/24/2021

Time: 6:30 am

   Cornerstone Park
Google Maps 1600 Wigwam Pkwy.
Henderson NV 89014

Roger   Rasch
Phone: (702) 279-5200


The 5K event will go as scheduled(6:30AM SHARP) please show up early to check in, the starting line is at a different area of the course(approximately 1/2 mile) to the finish line.  It will be a total of 2 1/2 laps, see attached map and I apologize for my artistic work.  Be safe and thanks for your support of the Nevada Police & Fire games, look forward to seeing you there.

This event has multiple options.
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Event # Event Name
36A01 MEN AGES 21-29 (C-1)
36A02 MEN AGES 30-34 (C-2)
36A03 MEN AGES 35-39 (C-3)
36A04 MEN AGES 40-44 (C-4)
36A05 MEN AGES 45-49 (C-5)
36A06 MEN AGES 50-54 (C-6)
36A07 MEN AGES 55-59 (C-7)
36A08 MEN AGES 60-69 (C-8)
36A09 MEN AGES 70-79 (C-9)
36A0A MEN AGES 80+ (C-10)
36A21 WOMEN AGES 21-29 (C-1)
36A22 WOMEN AGES 30-34 (C-2)
36A23 WOMEN AGES 35-39 (C-3)
36A24 WOMEN AGES 40-44 (C-4)
36A25 WOMEN AGES 45-49 (C-5)
36A26 WOMEN AGES 50-54 (C-6)
36A27 WOMEN AGES 55-59 (C-7)
36A28 WOMEN AGES 60-69 (C-8)
36A29 WOMEN AGES 70-79 (C-9)
36A2A WOMEN AGES 80+ (C-10)