3x3 Ice Hockey

Date: TBD

Time: varies

   City National Arena
Google Maps 1550 S. Pavilion Center Dr.
Las Vegas NV 89135

Phillip   Merges
Phone: (702) 682-2815

The deadline for team events will be June 8th.  If a team signs up and does not have enough participants registered for the team to field a team. That team will not be eligible to participate.

All registrations must be completed and paid by June 1, 2020 in order to guarantee your requested t-shirt size.  After that date, we cannot guarantee your size will be available when you check in.

Effective June 8, 2020 a late fee of $10 will be added to each registration.

IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE TWO FORMS OF PICTURE ID DURING CHECK IN (ONE OF WHICH MUST BE POLICE OR FIRE ID). If you are a civilian guest approved by Phil Merges please advise at check in.

The schedule is final! All games will be played at the City National Arena.

TBD 3x3 format

TBD 3x3 format

TBD two full ice charity games

TBD possible make up games

**All games at the City National Arena**

3 on 3 Rules:

Games will be two (2) 10 minute periods with a one (1) minute break between periods.

There will be a two (2) minute break at the end of the game during this time teams will get to their assigned rinks and start warm-ups.  The clock will begin at its assigned start time.


Rink assignments:

(South rink is closest to the scoreboard)

(North rink is closest to the entrance)

Be On Time:

Games will start promptly at their start time. Please be on the ice and ready to play. The clock will start on time regardless if players are ready or not.

Accurate Scoring:

Games will be scored using volunteers, so please ensure that all points are
recorded. Please work together to make sure the scores are accurate. If there
is a discrepancy in score, we will go based on  
what the score sheet has.

Call Your Own Penalties: 

Players will call their own penalties will result in a penalty


At the end of the twenty min game if both
teams are tied, we will do a three man shoot out. At the end of the shootout if
a tie remains, we will do a sudden death shootout. During the shoot out both
teams will agree which goalie to use for the duration of the shootout (both teams
will shoot on the same goalie, unless agreed upon by the playing teams).

Additional Fees: Rink Fee $10.00

Please select your team name from the drop down menu. If your team name does not appear on the list, please send us an e-mail with your team name to npafnv@npaf.net and we will add it to the list.

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